Seiji Matsuda Pitching Analysis need help

Hi, there! My name is Seiji from Brazil, 52 yrs old and 2 yrs experiences in baseball.
Following my fellow I am posting this post, I need help too.
I am trying throw faster, but It seems very few spins in my ball.
I am grateful if someone comment this post.

Upon separation of your hand, your glove arm is almost toward the target. This is a common mistake that I seem to identify upon inexperienced pitchers. When you separate your hands, you want your arm to be at least a 45-degree angle. Fortunately, there is a very simple drill to fix this habit and it can be done right in your home.

What you want to do is stand maybe 6 or 7 inches away from a wall, with the right side of your body facing the wall. Go through your delivery and change the angle that your arm separates in such a way that your throwing arm will not hit the wall. The purpose of this drill is to force your arm to separate in that 45-degree angle that I mentioned earlier.

Sorry for the poor wording. I’ll make a video going through this drill if you want me to.

Also posting a side view of your bullpen session would help out a lot.

Anthony, thank you very much.
At first, I did not understand the 45-degree arm separation, because my glove remained in the side of 3rd base, but you mean my upper arm is toward the target, right?
I found in youtube explaining my fault: Pitching Mechanics - Arm Path at Hand Separation - YouTube
Now I understand my left arm winding largely. I didn´t use latissimus dorsi to pull my left arm, but have used only pendulum with weight of my glove and with help of my tiny posterior deltoid.
I will devote myself on your advice.

yes that video should be able to help you
i’m glad that you have found your problem

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one