Seeking Off Season Advice

RHP, 15yoa, 6’6", FB 77, will be going into my sophmore year.

Anyone have some advice for off season work? I’d like to pitch in college.

Im a freshman and im 5’6" 136 lbs. Size don’t matter but, if you have a local gym or ymca go there with a friend or someone and just play catch. Work on grips too. You dont wanna forget how to throw your pitches. Thats what cost me my spot on my towns league because i goofed off in the off-season and forgot how to throw a curveball.

Lots of things can help, but you’re not very specific, how much do you weight at 6’6"?
Diet is very important, most kids at this age need muscle mass/strength, and conditioning.
Did you pitch last year? How much? Most arms need an “active rest” (6 weeks if possible) period so that the muscles can heal and grow. We’ve used martial arts for stretching and concentration enhancement…(And just havin fun). Work with a mirror and slo-mo to visualize and perfect mechanics.
Many colleges put on end-of-year clinics attempting to look at talent coming up, so they can get scouting opportunities more focused.
Rent or borrow or buy all the stuff you can on pitching and study the art. (MLB stuff is great and a whole world of other stuff).
I guess to sum up my advice, don’t put yourself in a box, look for a variety of ways in which to build ALL of your baseball skills, remember the lesson of Maddox… He studies every hitter in the league, thus he sacrifices his time in a profitable way.


I’m about 180. I pitched for three different teams (High School, Legion and Senior League)from April thru September. I threw probably about three thousand in game pitches. I went to a DII showcase and got some good feedback. My high school has a winter indoor facility with two portable mounds.

Do you recommend protein drinks? How do I put on weight?


Protien drinks are good, I recommend and my son and I use Amerisciences and have had super results (At 6’6" I think you should look to make it to 200lbs as a goal…my opinion, always talk with your own coach, and doctor before you mess with gaining or losing weight). You threw (Now this is my opinion also) a whole bunch, if you threw that many…you really should consider active rest. Many folks are putting forth the opinion that much arm injury comes from over use. It does make sense to me. My son (Going into his Jr. year) threw 7 complete games in HS ball and 4/5 more in summer ball, for this reason we passed on travel ball and just worked with his pitching coach over the past couple of months, the result is that he feels refreshed, feels more mechanically sound and is just chomping at the bit to get to the coming season (He has goals of exceed 90 regularly, better than 1.5 k’s per inning and keeping the era under 3 for the season…I think they are realistic and we will see)…
Have you established goals for yourself for the coming year? If not you should.


I plan to take 6 weeks off. Last year my dad got ASMI’s book on off season training and used it.

My dad keeps track of my pitch counts. I use tubing and dumbbells for my shoulder and elbow.

How often does your son work with a pitching coach?

Every week, we have a year long commitment with him. Best money I have ever spent towards bb. I’ve coached for 20 years, 2 teams a year, but I had to recognize that my kids talent was beyond my skills. I was shocked at how much I really didn’t know about the mechanical aspects of pitching. It has always been my policy to look to experts and so it kinda fit…keep in mind that it is no coincidence that many pro’s have kids who make it to the bigs. So I kept him around as many college clinics and pro events as possible…now he is not intimidated by…well really anyone…Ya know, meeting and learning from folks like Dennis Rasmussen, Randy Meyers, Bobby Abadaka makes facing some HS kid seem almost silly.
Tubes and light weights are great for the de-cells but, it won’t take the miles off the arm…Unless you have some huge compelling reason to “Do” all that (My opinion again) you should focus on prep and play within HS (Don’t forget about GRADES!!!either) so you can get to the next level in enough health to be able to compete…you go from 20 or so games to 40-60…Think long run, think arm health. Free education (And college life) beats the crap out of just another tournament trophey collecting dust on a shelf, while you talk to the boys on your construction/job site about what a good pitcher you were…Regrets suck!


I read my son’s estimate of his in game pitches. I kept his pitch count and it was actually closer to 1500. I would have preferred to see it closer to 1000 but it’s difficult to control if you are not the coach.

Thanks for the good advice.

“difficult to control if you are not the coach”.

No doubt…my boy has a Varsity Coach that makes me scratch my head to say the least…Well you guys look like you have a plan and a goal. I love to see kids get out there and look for an edge.
Best of Luck and Health!