Seeking best pitching camp,or instructor

i am will to travel anywhere,my son is 16,and he is tall but he needs to add size,i need someone to give him a good weight program and work on his he can gain more speed on his fastball,is the elite boot camp in texas the best camp?

Yes, I would say so.

Where are you? There are elite instructors all over the nation. The single best instructor I’ve ever been too is in Indianapolis, IN. He trained myself (AAA with the Nationals, Drew Storen/MLB Lance Lynn MLB BJ Rosenberg MLB/AAA Corey Wade AAA/MLB and Tommy Hunter MLB and Garrett Berger Retired)

What Im trying too say is that there are instructors everywhere around the nation, its just a matter of going in and talking with instructors and seeing whose principals you agree with and who you trust your son with.

I, myself, have about 30-40 clients in the off-season in Texas but I have had meetings with people with whom didn’t see eye-to-eye with me and that is alright.

There are a lot of “right ones” just gotta be willing too talk with them.

One essential thing to remember: when looking for a good pitching coach, stay away from the cookie-cutters. Find one who will individualize, who will take each pitcher on his own terms and work with him (or her) to maximize that pitcher’s capabilities. I was extremely fortunate to hook up with one of the finest pitching coaches anyone could ever hope to work with; his name was Eddie Lopat, he was a key member of the Yankees’ fabled Big Three rotation of 1948 through the middle of 1955, and what I learned from him was nothing short of priceless—he helped me become a better pitcher. You might even consider a professional pitcher who subscribes to this line of thinking. :baseballpitcher: