See anything i may want to change?

I just graduated from high school and next year i am going to try to walk on at University of Southern Indiana. when i throw it feels like im not using all my legs. if u have any tips i would be glad to hear them.

It’s tough to tell much from just two still photos. Can you post some video?

i don’t have any videos but im trying to get 1 of me because ive never seen myself pitch before. 1 question though. is it alright for my right shoulder to be dipping to the 3rd base side that much?

I personally don’t mind some shoulder tilt but I prefer the head to be upright which also means the spine will be more upright. Your tilted posture will raise your release point up and pull it back away from home plate. That might result in high pitches and it could make it tougher to get over the top of the ball to put spin on it when throwing curves.

thanks. this year i had a lot of trouble with the curveball and also somtimes when i tryed to throw harder i would miss high and away. when i threw this year i keept the ball low i didn’t realy have any problems with throwing high.

i have 1 problem that i forgot. somtimes when i throw i fall and i have to catch myself with my glove hand. is that just me leaning too much with my shoulders when i throw?

Could be your posture. Or you could be opening up early on those occasions. Or a combination of both.