See anything here to work on?

My 11 year old is really struggling this year. Big time mental and confidence issues but any mechanics help please let me know. Will try to get game video but this is practice

here is another view

He has 2 tempo issues that I’d suggest addressing. The first is how he pauses at the top of his knee lift, if even just briefly. The second is as the front foot moves forward, it’s very slow and deliberate. As the knee approaches it’s highest point in the lift, get him to start the left hip moving toward the target and don’t pause at the old “balance point”. Then keep the momentum building, not slowing down, like he does as the front foot moves out. All of this may cause the throwing arm to move in a more fluid, continuous motion, rather than having that pause at the top in the back that he does now. His overall motion doesn’t look bad. He just has tempo issues. Get him moving.

I would like to see him work on a bit of hip drive, I would suggest the hersheiser drill…seems to work really well.