Second Chance?

I am a former Div 1 college player how had TJ and has been out of the game for three years.

I know I can still throw, but at 23yrs old, is it too late? If I go to a MLSB or individual camp, what are the chances they sign me?

Here is my story:

About a year after I stopped playing, I got the itch, and went and threw at a MLSB camp. I guess my arm had healed as I was throwing 88-92 and topping out at 94 on the stalker. I got called back to pitch again, but because I hadn’t thrown in so long, the skin on my finger was weak, it split open and that officially ended my so called career. I had some interest from that camp from a few teams, but nothing ever worked out because I ended up going to medical school.

Fast forward to 2006, two years later and I am now in medical school. While I like medicine, I went to a Ranger game the other day and I feel like I should give it another go. I have filled out physically and gotten stronger since I last threw, my arm feels stronger than ever.

As a 6.1’ 185 RHP who has the potential to throw 90-94, a decent change, and a pretty dirty breaking ball when I can throw it for strikes, do you think it is too late for me? What are the chances I will be picked up if I go to one of the MLB open tryouts or the MLSB camps? I’m sure it looks bad, but will the fact that I haven’t played in two years really hurt me?

I know I am chasing a dream, but do guys actually get picked up at these camps?

I am sure you probably get emails all the time, especially from kids inflating their numbers trying to get on the list, but I assure you, I have no reason to exaggerate and if I never step on the field again, I would accept that. I’m just afraid I am wasting something here.

If you have any advice at all, I would appreciate it.

I think it’s worth a shot.

chase your dream man…if u can do what u say then ur dream is at least realistic. this is a once in a lifetime chance get out there before it really is to late!!!

I suggest you pick up a copy of Jim Morris’s book, “The Rookie,” and read the same story line from someone who has been there and done that. Dreams are worth chasing, but not if they destroy the most important relationships in life.

The book’s an easy, quick read…and a great story. Since you’re a student, if money’s tight and you can’t get it from the library send me a PM and I’ll spring for a copy. Best wishes.


Thanks to everyone, I have a tryout with the Reds on Sunday, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and I know many people hyperbolze on here regarding their numbers, but I have no reason to. Either I go to this tryout and impress, or I don’t. It doesn’t make a single bit of difference what kind of stuff I have on an online message board.

Coach45 - thanks for the offer. I have the movie, but I will check out the book if it is different.

Any tips for the tryout? (other than the basic stuff, I have been to many showcases and tryout back in my palying days)

Morris’s book has enough critical distinctions (multiple injuries, etc.) to make it remarkably different from the movie. I hope your tryout goes well. Have fun! Were you a pro prospect prior to TJ surgery?

Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

Just remember to throw with your body and not your arm (by rotating your hips well before your shoulders).

Keep this photo of Casey Fossum in mind…

Then just focus on the glove and let it rip.

if I could hit the high 80s I’d be going to tryouts until im 35… so you better go!

Chris, I love that pic!

I wish I could do that.

Thanks to everyone for their kinds words and advice.

I am excited about the tryout, i will let everyone know how it goes.

Back in the day I like to think I was a decent prospect. I did the whol area code, team one showcase thing, and I was in contact with a few mlb teams during junior college days.

After my last tryout I was offered a spot with San Diego, but I decided to enter medical school instead. (i was offered a bus pass and a jersey basically)

I don’t really have any expectations, but it will be nice to see how things turn out.

What that movie when this guy is coaching a high school baseball team and they arent good. Hes like 40 or something and he goes to try out and throws in the 90s and gets picked up by a team?
any way whatever but do it cause if you dont you’ll regret it and i hope it works out for you.

Well, here’s the update.

I have been to a number of these camps, but I have never been to one that had this kind of talent. There were about 55 pitchers (>200 players total).

Out of the 55, they pulled about 12 pitchers that they already knew of, and wanted to throw to hitters. The rest of us went to the bullpen. If they liked what they saw in the pen, they would pull you out and watch you throw to hitters.

Out of the 40 or so players that threw in the pen, they probably pulled about 10. In order to move on to the second round, you had to touch 88mph if you were a RHP, and they were a little less fussy if you were a LHP.

I hadn’t thrown a ball in almost 2 years. No catch, no long toss, no pen work. Nothing. As I got loose, I could tell I still had some pop in my arm.
I was one of the last guys to go, and after warming up, it was my turn. I stepped onto the mound, and threw one pitch. That’s as far as I got. My arm didn’t blow out, but to my suprise, I was instantly moved onto the field to throw in front of hitters. I guess I was throwing at or above 88mph.

I knew I had some pop on my fastball, but I didn’t know how my off speed stuff would work out. I was pretty imtimidated, as the Reds had flown a kid in from utah to watch him throw. He was the first one to throw to hitters, and he set the bar very high. 94-96 from the righ side. Pertty wild, but killer natural stuff. Almost everyone who threw was sitting 89-91mph on a stalker. I have never seen so many strong arms. Usually at these things you get a handful of people, but because this was a pre-draft camp, people cam from all over hoping to improve their draft status.

After a long break, it was my turn to throw to hitters, something I haven’t done for over two years. I didn’t have anything to lose, so I went up to the bump and let it fly. After 20 or so pitches, it was over. I started off with pretty good location, but as my arm started to get tired (it is WAY out of shape) the ball started to elevate. I was lucky that it elevated enough to make it unhittable and I got a few players to swing right through it for the strikeout. I could tell I was throwing pertty well as many of the scouts started to accumulate around the backstop.

When I was done, I did much better than I anticipated. I sat 90-92 on the stalker after taking a 2 year break from the game. The scouts were pretty happy, and after questioning my intent to leave medical school for a shot at baseball, they told me they would be calling me later to talk about giving me a shot at playing.

All in all, a good day.

wow, good job

Glad to hear it went well and hope it leads to something.

That’s a pretty impressive performance considering you were cold.

Enjoyed hearing about your tryout. Let us know what you find out.

wow thats great man, to hit 90-92 with out touching a ball for 2 years thats very good. just get that arm back in shape and i bet u could prolly top at 95 maybe if you get it back in shape(but thats just me talking) and hey at least you’ll have two extra years left in your arm if u kickstart a career.
good luck and best wishes man.