Seasons over - start working out now?

Should i start working out now that my seasons over? or should i see if i can play summer ball first? can anyone give me any tips on helping my 4 seam hit the plate? b/c when i throw it over hand i goes all over the plate but when i drop the throwing angle of it, it tends to hit the plate more. any tips?

Well, how old are you? If your high school age or less i’d definately play ball. I just finished my first year of college and decided not to play this summer so I can do more strenght training and work on my velocity. I also need to make some money this summer. It’s about to kill me, however, with all my teamates telling me about thier games in thier summer leagues. As far as your 4 seamer, what angle are you throwing from? I’d suggest throwing from your natural arm slot. Whenever you play catch, throw at a target…I try to hit my partners right shoulder, then left shoulder, right shoulder, etc…that should help you with your control. Stephen Ellis has some good drills posted on the website that should help you as well.

If you can play summer ball do it, experience is second to none.

Often summer ball schedules are less rigorous (easy weeks, but packed weekends) so you may have plenty of oportunity to start working.

I’m still in maintanance schedule of lifting, but have picked up a couple supps to add in to begin.

As soon as my spring ball ends, although i intend to play summer, I am going to start a more rigorous lifting and sprinting schedule

well im 15 right now and im a sophmore in high school right now. i played on my JV team but as far as summer ball goes i am taking this AP summer academy which starts july 5 and ends the second week in august. this course starts @ 7.30 and end @ like 12 so idk. i talked 2 my coach about this and he informed me that games start @ 4 and 6 so i wont have problems going 2 the games but if he puts any pratices in the morning i would have trouble going 2 it. so thats y i am in the middle of a see saw right now. ( not a good analogy) but u get what i mean. any suggestions?

definetly summer ball, try out for legion ball

I agree…play as much baseball as possible.

Nothing beats playing ball and gaining experience. You can still mix in a couple of days of weight training in there. Summer ball isn’t as demanding as your regular season.

Play summer ball but work in some maintenance strength training a couple times a week. That’s what college pitchers do, for instance. So while the summer schedule lends itself to being more relaxed, the workloads are maintained by working out and playing ball.

If you are still playing several times per week, I’d stay on a 2x/week schedule. As soon as your summer ball is over, then its time to hit the weights hard. Email or PM me if you need a specific workout program.