Season's End - Maybe the very end

Well, we did pretty well in the playoffs and advanced to the championship game. We lost 8-4 to a very good team, the Rockhounds.

Physically the playoffs were a challenge as I kept getting hurt.
In our first playoff game I pulled an oblique mussle on my left side. I went into pitch the last three innings of that game. With every throw it felt like someone was sticking a knife in my side. Went one inning, 0 runs, and had to stop. We won the game.

The next week I taped up my side. I reached on a single in my second at bat. The next guy up hits one down the left field line. I try to score from first. As I round third I feel a sharp pull in my right heel and come up lame. Pulled the Plantar Fascia ligament. Out for the next round.

In my first at bat of the championship game I got hit by a fast ball in the left wrist. It swelled up so bad I had to come out of the game. It turned out not to be broken, but sure looked like it was. we lost 8-4.

Decided to go Phoenix for the MSBL World Series. We had a good team and went 5-1 in pool play. We won our first playoff game 6-4 and lost our second 5-3. I pitched in three of our eight games, starting two. I started our last games and went five giving up two earned runs. We were in the lead 3-2 when I came out.

My arm felt strong all week in Phoenix. I know I threw over 250 pitches that week and my arm recovered just fine. My back and heel took much longer and still aren’t 100%.

It might just be time to think about hanging them up.

Nah, just switch to men’s softball. I played D-league and only got hurt a couple times. But it can be tough getting to the snack bar and back in between innings for a cold one. :wink: