Season Update

We are in the middle of our baseball season here in Australia. I pitched today and my total season stats are:
W 4, L 1, 3.64 ERA, 37 IP, 2 CG, 21 K, 19 BB, 37 H, 15 ER

My career stats (3 years) are:
W 5, L 2, 4.49 ERA, 56.1 IP, 53 K, 38 BB, 2 CG, 1 SV

I’m a sixteen year old pitcher who plays U18’s on Saturdays and C-Grade (A-ball) on Sundays. This year has been a big increase in IP, last year I pitched about 17. More K’s last year than this year though. 30 odd last year in 17 IP. This year for some reason I’m more of a Ground-ball pitcher.

In my last two games I have thrown a Complete Game. So two in a row and counting. We are at 5 wins 5 losses for the season and we have one more game before our half season break. Hopefully I can make that 3 CG in a row and continue the streak after the break.

You’ll never believe this but I just got called up to AAA ball!!!
well, A-Grade anyway, which is the quivalent of your AAA ball (Im in Australia). I usually play U18’s and C-Grade (A-ball), but today I played C-Grade AND B-Grade (AA) and got called up to play A-Grade (AAA) next week!

To sum up the magnitude of this…no one in their first year of playing U18’s baseball has EVER been called up to play C-Grade, B-Grade and A-Grade. EVER!