Season Stats as of 7/01/07

Colrado Redbirds are 9 and 2 after 11 games.

Personal pitching Stats:
IP K’s Hits BB HB Runs ER ERA
25 8 13 9 2 4 2 0.72

League Leaders Link: Player Tim Freeman:

Interesting season so far. My arm has felt OK except that my clavicle has bothered me right where it connects to the shoulder Fells like I have to constantly pop it back into place.

Last year I pitched in the 45+ league and dominated most hitters. I didn’t like the level of competition so I dropped back down to the 35+ league this season. Good success so far, lots of ground ball outs, only two extra basehits allowed. Walks are a bit higher than normal and K’s are definitely way down. Very good ERA. Will turn 51 later this month.

I have incorporated getting my hips moving toward the plate earlier in my delivery and I have noticed an increase in velocity. Good movement on the two seamer and the curve (12-6) has been sharp most outings.

erais great but u gotta work on getting more SO then BBs