Season so far

I was just wondering how everyone’s season is going. I’m a sophomore and play J.V. for my school (only 1 sophomore plays varsity, but he’s being moved back down to J.V. which is where he started the season). We’re 4-1, varsity’s 4-1, and the freshmen team is 3-0. I haven’t gotten a chance to pitch, but we’re winning and I’m playing so it’s ok.

I’m a sophmore and my team (JV) is 3-4 but we’ve won 3 of the last 4. I’m getting some playing time and am batting about .350.

I’m freshman, our JV is 2-3, but we haven’t been actually beat bad or anything, 2, 1 run games, and the 3rd the game was called before we completed our 5th at bat due to darkness.
Pitched fine, threw strikes, basically I’m 15 and pitching against all 16’s.
The defense behind hasn’t been what it’s capable of there so I’m not worried at this point. (just need to work the ball down better, lol)

Our varsity was ranked in top 50 in the nation at a point, but have lost a few close games, so I don’t know. I don’t put a lot of attention towards rankings in general.

At babe ruth I’m tearing it up, at the plate, getting ever so close to my first homerun on a full size field. (Skied one last night that usually doesn’t get out of the infield cause it’s to high, and it ended up being caught with one hand on the wall) On the mound there have been 8 errors made (and a lot of passed balls) in 6 innings I’ve pitched so that is definately a mental test, but we’re at 2-1 so it’s not all bad.

Overall it’s going quite well, nothign to write home about YET, but it’ll come.

I play for my JV team (sophomore), and we’re 4-0 so far… I don’t know how varsity did today, they are either 4-1 or 3-2…
I’ve stepped up my game a lot since last year and have been getting a lot more playing time… Went from playing only 1 to 2 innings a game to starting and playing through the 5th inning…
Only got to pitch once so far, went 2 innings gave up 3 hits no runs… 2 of the 3 hits were balls that the 2nd baseman lost in the sun, so only 1 was a quality hit…

i play for our varsity team, we are 8-1 and 2-1 in our region…so far im 4-0 pitching, with a 0.00 era, ive pitched 26 innings, ive given up 5 hits, no runs at all, 3 walks, 58 k’s, hitting wise, ive been struggling…hitting about .360 and not making great contact, hopefully it will turn around in the upcoming games!

You must be one helluva pitcher Tanner… What kind of competition are you seeing?? I know in all leagues there are teams that dont really perform that well… Either you are lights out or pitching against crap teams… I mean hell, 26 IP with only 5 hits and a 0 era you must be getting sscouted with #'s like that…

im only a junior, so only about 10 pro scouts have talked to me, lots of colleges are interested though, its pretty good competition…nothing like way down south but good

I play on my midget team which is grades 10-12, it the way baseball is played in canada. Anyways we are 1-2-1 and so far I have pitched 4 innings with no hits or ER and 8K’s. last season i finished up with 154K’s in 74IP as a bantam

Well than Tanner, good luck and hopefully you take the smart road and go play 4 years of college and get yourself a good education.
I’ll have to look for you in a couple years when you’re playing somewhere after highschool.