Sean's Mechanics

A couple game angles, my ears are open to anything!

I’m no expert, but perhaps you could get more hip turn when going through the early stage of your wind-up. You bring your leg up fine, but the hips stay square as opposed to closing in anticipation of your release. Bringing your lead leg back across your body a bit will load your hips and then allow for a more powerful release.

Overall, you look like you are getting good power - but I bet you can get more!

I disagree with the advice to overload your hips, velocity comes from hip seperation not from the hips turning farther. Quicker trunk turn develops more power. I do like the balance of your post, nice movement toward home, like to see you land a bit further to the left however. You aren’t getting totally flat at the end of your action and it looks as though you are standing up early after release. Might also be able to get your glove side a bit more to the chest or pulling back to get more of an equal action to both sides of your body.

So land farther left, follow through more and more pulling by the glove side