Seans mechanics

Please give any help.

no stride
no followthrough phase

so i have noo stride?

Do you only throw from the stretch? It looks like you are doing a slide step. That said, it would be helpful to see you for more than two quick pitches.

your mechanics are actually fairly good. just like they said above. you do not have much of a stride at all and you do not follow all the way through. if you used your legs a little more and took more momentum towards the plate you would be even better. do not change your upper body mechanics though they are very good.

Thank you, i do through from the full wind up to, just my mom didnt get any of me :frowning: but i plan to get another video of me during a bullpen. Thank you for the help.

Well don’t be too bummed…mom did ok for you, it’s just that you can’t make too many observations based on this abbreviated look.

yeah im gonna try to film a bullpen of mine soon.

If I were you I would drop down more side-arm… You are going to have arm pain pitching like that, if you drop your arm angle down you will get more movement on your pitches but the main thing is protecting your arm… you look like you normally play 2nd or ss and you probably throw side arm when playing those positions, don’t change your arm angle just because you are pitching…

[quote=“nojoke11”]If I were you I would drop down more side-arm… You are going to have arm pain pitching like that, …[/quote]??? This kid has some very nice things going on here that don’t need changing, such as his arm slot. It’s fine the way it is.

Really, just take the comments about the stride seriously and keep up the good work. Think about driving the front hip, sideways for a longer period of time before turning anything, then let 'er rip. I like the upper body motion. Don’t mess with it right now. Any tweaking, if even necessary, can happen later but just make that momentum generation, sideways greater.

You’re looking great otherwise.

But please GOD tuck in your shirt! Sorry had to get that out…Everything does look good, I wouldn’t say I agree with dropping your arm angle but definitely put more effort into a stride and using those legs.