Sean's Mechanics- December 2012

I was able to get some pretty good video yesterday.

What I came away from looking at these is my back leg action needs to improve, it sort of stays straight the whole way through the delivery, it could drive more. My landing foot needs to land straighter, though I think this could be a effect of my hips and how I open up.

That is what I saw, I love outside opinion and am open to everything. Also if you have any tips to fixing said problems I’d love to hear those as well.

Thanks, Sean


I see a very passive loading of the hips. Bauer is similar but he creates more momentum and inertia plays a role in the loading of his, similar to Gibson in that aspect.

I would suggest more awareness in the hip region throughout your drill work.

It appears that somewhere along the way you adjusted for slow hip rotation or a closed landing by opening up the front foot. That’s working against you. What that adjustment really did was reduce your hip and shoulder separation and take your drive leg out of the equation.

I recommend the Hershiser drill. Be careful to not twist your lift knee backward! Get your front hip forward instead. That last little knee movement seems to be the root of the problems later on in your delivery.

Stride onto the target line with your foot landing with toes pointing about 30 degrees right of the targetline. Your hips will straighten it out for you.

With your hips no longer pulling your shoulders early, you should gain significant hip/ shoulder separation.


When you said loading of the hips what exactly do you mean?


There’s a difference between passive loading versus actively loading.

A friend of mine, Derek Johnson, refers to it as crushing the hips together. I see you almost imitating the movement, it looks false. The legs are basically transporters of the center mass and I see your back leg being passive in the process.

That’s one reason I see your front foot flying open, many times you can watch the feet and it will tell you what the hips are trying to do. Your body tries to open the hips by swinging the front hip open versus the back hip being the alpha male in the process.

I assume you’re trying to emulate Bauer? I would also guess that you’re a Wolforth follower? The reason I say this, is because I see a lot of Wolforth guys with the same lower body action. That’s one of the knocks I have against his program.

I would suggest placing more feel on creating tension in the hips through your focus work. I have several “feels” that we use and I will do my best to put them on my site in the next few days to give you a better understanding.

I would also suggest that you over-exaggerate the feel of the lower body by showing the sole of the foot as you move forward. This will allow to feel the front hip staying closed, tension on the hips and the feel of the back hip being the aggressor.

Everyone’s lower body will work differently. Not everyone is intended to sweep. One commonality of the lower body is the ability to match the upper body to create maximum stretch and separation.

Positioning is only part of the equation (the overall look of the lower body action) timing is the crucial part and that’s why everyone will be different. Connection is not about posiitoning, it’s about timing.

Maybe these drills will give you a better idea. Again, over-exaggerate the movements and try showing the sole of the foot to create a better feel of creating tension and allowing the back hip to be the alpha.

There’s a difference between knowing and understanding and I think you may be guilty of relying on “sight” versus “feel” . Try and brdge the gap between what you see and feel. Don’t worrry so much about looking like trevor bauer, understand what you’re goal for the lower body is and learn to feel the movemnt of the hips.

Hope this makes sense, typed in a big hurrry.


Thank you for that post, definitely cleared up everything. I totally agree with the stiff you were saying. Today I mostly worked on the last two drills in the video, totally got the feel of the back hip, I know it was just flatground stuff but it looked like my foot wasn’t opening up as much. I’m going to keep working on these things and get this all straightened out.

Glad it helped. Let me know how it goes