Sean Mid-Summer

Somewhat new mechanics from my former self. Open for all comments.

This is the first time I’ve seen your mechanics because I’m new here. Overall, I’m very impressed. You do a lot of really good things in my opinion. How hard do you currently throw?

Starting with low hands has probably helped with developing your current arm action by promoting good lifting of the elbows. However, have you tried starting your hands higher and letting them drop to your current position as you separate your hands in order to build a little momentum (loose/more fluid arm action)? I wouldn’t do it if it messes up your current arm action, but I have worked with a couple of players who had small improvements in velocity by creating some momentum via letting their hands fall before hand break. I realize that you likely start your hands higher from the windup. Just something to consider.

I’m not really sure how hard, I would say somewhere in 83-87 area

Get yourself gunned that’s a HUGE gap. I’m curious too to know how hard you currently throw.

I’m at PG tournaments for these next two weeks so I’ll get accurate readings soon.

A little late, but responding to an earlier question about velo. PG guns got me at 85.