Scrub Baseball

So you’re trying out for a team, or maybe teams, and it’s not going so well. Or even the availability of some sort of organized ball is just a scarce commodity.
So. …. be creative, think out of the box.
=> You want coaches and those who run ball clubs to see you, right?
=> You want to be noticed, right?

Well, here’s an idea. Form a Scrub Club of your own. Get some guys and gals together than can play the game, contact Jr. high school, high school, Legion, travel team coaches, summer clubs coaches, anybody that’s into summer ball - NOW- and offer to give them a practice games.

In the preseason and during the summer, a lot of coaches are looking for playing time for practice games. Think of this as FALL BALL - but in the preseason.

Now, don’t expect to play even-steven with these guys - ain’t gonna happen. But, you’ll get a chance to show your stuff without the pressures of demanding coaches… do this… do that. You’ll also have a lot of, what you do, on you’re own terms, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play ball in front of those that just might want your services later on.

Thanks for sharing this great info.