im dying to learn this

how do you throw it? grip it?

it’s a pitch that is a waste and should only be learned if you want to fool around before game. It’s not something you want to throw in a game because it would be better to focus on other pitches that can be better. Like the change-up or 2-seam fastaball

I throw a screwball as a form of changeup. I mix it in occasionally in place of my circle changeup. I throw it in a way that is safe to throw and has some decent break. I take a two seam grip, slide my middle finger over next to the index finger so they are together. Then I choke the ball deep in my hand and throw it like a fastball. You could throw it with pronation but i think you could hurt your arm that way. I get movement like the opposite of a slider without snapping my wrist.

I think you could pronate your arm to a certain extent, before it does any damage. Don’t quote me on this, but I think pronation actually helps your arm stay healthy.

Simply hold the ball with your fastball grip and throw it with pronation. Your hand pronates naturally after you release the ball. Pronating before then just means the hand will rotate the same direction it will rotate any way. So it is a safe pitch as long as you don’t over-do the pronation. Just pronate to your comfort level.

I throw like that for my sinker kind of I get inside the ball and pronate a little is that ok?

Nothing wrong with that.

I used to throw a screw ball (as in the start of this year), It was getting good movement but, my shoulder just couldn’t handle it.