Screen Names

Hey i was just wonderin how everyone on here came up with their screen names.


My initials are rt, i like baseball, and im number 11.

Well I got mine when I first got ready to sign up there was someone on these forums call “YoungMariano” well I like Scott Kazmir so I was thinking about “YoungKazmir” but then I didn’t want to copy him so I just thought of "future"
then its hit me “futureKazmir”

im not being racist but 98% percent of the people in my skool are full blooded mexican, so me being one of the only white guy they gave me the nickname irish since freshmen year. so i just came up with irishpitcher and my number 28

Well, my last name is Defalco and my number is 35 (after Cole Hamels).

Im a met fan and 1969 and 1986 are the two years that they won the world series.

Well i got to a school that has Willow in it… and im number 2… and really i was just trying to fit in!!! :slight_smile: lol

my nickname is kim and i got the a-boy-named part from johnny cash’s song “A Boy Named Sue”.

well i throw and, well, i throw with my right hand so i thought rightyringer sounds cool

Well it’s kinda obvious. My first name is Jake, Peavy’s my idol, and his # is 44 (and so is mine), so it all added up to jpeavy44. Yeah yeah, I’m original. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: