Im 13 and i throw about 80-83 i was wondering what age you have to be for college scouts to start looking at you.

You can get noticed as a freshman, but they really pay attention as a jr and then as a sr…You’ve got nice velocity…If I was you I’d make sure my grades were outstanding and learn about arm health and maintenance and conditioning. When you have a real look you’ll be completely ready and nothing outside of your skill will be in the way.
Keep at it and work hard.

I can gurantee you if you post here frequently and visit it every day you will learn everything necessary to play the next level. From weight training tips to arm health, pitch selection, everything you can think of. You stick around here and you throw like you say you can easily make it to the next level.

Let me tell you most of the guys I hear throw real hard from my area end up with arm problems that prohibit them from moving farther on in baseball.