Scouts Lefty ranking scale for fastballs

Hey i was wondering why is it that a lefty’s fastball will be ranked higher than a righty’s fastball if they are throwing at the same velocity?

I have not heard this actually but here is what the person you heard this from may have been trying to get at.

Now this is just a rought example but when scouts are looking at pitchers we all know they look at a few different things but as far as velocity goes for a right hander they would like you to throw the ball 90+ with a few exceptions and for lefties the number is more about 87-88. This is simply because there are fewer lefties at the next level and it is believed that by this reason they are harder to hit.

Also whether is actually true or not there some people in baseball who believe lefties have more natural sink and or movement on their pitches. I honestly have no clue if anyone has actually tried to prove this but who knows.

Basically because lefties are so sought after, if you can find a lefty who throws strikes, has control of his offspeed and can run it up into the 90’s he will be a top pick, it is much harder for a righty.

Most pitchers are right handed so hitters have had a righty’s typical movement, arm side run, programmed into their brains. They process the typical amount of arm side run and it looks like it is straight and they automatically adjust for it. As a result a left hander looks like they are getting much more movement on the ball than right handers, because not only are they getting movement but the hitter’s brain has made an adjustment for movement in the opposite direction. That’s one of the reasons Mariano Rivera can be so successful throwing a cutter all the time. Hitters can’t get away from expecting a righty’s fastball to tail instead of cut.

Go watch some little leaguers throw their looping pitches and then remember back to how you saw the ball coming in dead straight when you were that age unless the pitcher was way slower than most. Nothing has changed, your brain just took where the ball was at release, figured out where it was going to end up and then interpreted what happened in between as a straight line even though it was really quite an arc. Same thing happens with the movement on an MLB fastball.

in the MLB the seams to be less lefties, but in the league i play in theres about 60/40 lefties. There a lot of them and the majority throw high 80’s. I dont know why they cant find quality lefties when the just need to come to Australia.