Scouts in Canada

Well I am a 13 year old ball player in alberta, won player of the year this year. I can throw 75+ on a good day in game off the mound. I really want to play baseball and I want to eventually make my way to the states for college baseball. But I have 2 questions concerning this.

  1. Does being Canadian hurt my chances of being scouted or getting scholarships?

  2. I skipped a grade in school so I am a 13 year old which is gr.8 age but I am in gr.9 age. I still get 90’s usually in class. I was wondering if being younger than my peers but still being able to compete with them would help my chances or hurt them?

Neither matters, performance is what matters. If you are mature, keep your grades up, and perform well - What could hold you back??

Being Canadian has nothing to do with hurting your chances. I’m Canadian and was scouted by 18 MLB teams and received a large amount of interest from a fairly large following of Colleges varying from JUCO to NCAA DI.

It’s all about exposure get into a couple PG showcases or tournaments.

Check out the High School Baseball Web online its a great asset to helping you figure out what you need to do. They have sections that go over things like the recruiting timeline and they also have a message board that has tons of advice and knowledge.

The age thing doesn’t matter keep your grades up and you’ll be fine just make sure that your mature. I read your mental toughness post and you seen to have a good head on your shoulders.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me

Yeah, what that guy said :slight_smile:

Keep your grades and velo up and they’ll find ya :wink:

Thank you, and I will definitely make sure to keep everything up especially since I will be going into highschool AP classes next year, they don’t have highschool teams

One thing you’ll have to do that we dont have up here is take either the SAT or ACT so start looking into that and seeing where the closest place is that offers the tests. Without one of those tests you won’t be able to gain admission to an American College. Also once you start talking to Schools be sure to tell them that English is your first language so that they dont try and make you take an English test I can’t remember what its called though.

Not having a HS team to play on is alright just be sure that your playing a strong level of summer ball that will give you lots of exposure and even travels into the states for a few tournaments exposure is the name of the game.

The HS I went to never offered a ball team until recently and even now the teams and tje league isn’t anything amazing and most College coaches recognize this and are more concerned with the level you play in the summer.