Do scouts really look at college stats that closely when evaluating a player. I have heard too many players in my college career who whine and complain about their stats, when they have great “stuff”. If a scout sees them and is impressed and then goes and looks at some not so great stats, will that really sway a scout one way or another.

I mean college players are using aluminum bats, so right there they have an advantage over the pitcher, so how much does the ERA really matter?

Any thoughts?

I think stats do play some role in evaluating players, but they do not tell the whole story especially for pitchers.

Talking with scouts, they look for composure on the mound, tempo you work at, can you throw all pitches for strikes in any count.

The one thing that I was told by a scout was, when someone hit a tape measure shot off you…what do you do with the next few pitches? Do you get rattled, or do you come back with Strike(s) 1 and 2.

Just because you have good stuff doesn’t always equate to good numbers, but a lot of time in college it does. Out closer throws 93-96 and has hit 14 guys and walked 9, but his FB also runs about 8" armside and so scouts are drooling over him.

Hope this helps.