Scouting the other team

This idea is stolen shamelessly from the baseball think tank website …

Good stuff about hitting tendencies and information gathering during the other team’s BP or watching the opposition play another squad.

Would come in handy for tournaments if you can spare a coach to watch the other games happening in a tournament before your team has to face them.

Stealing now are we? :lol:

Scouting reports are a very useful tool. We use them, especially hitter tendencies, on my kids HS team.

With All Stars we did it, it isn’t stealing or sneaking. Heck I lent my skills as an official scorer once :wink:

Very sly, JD.

I saw the following in the article, and I was wondering where coaches get spray charts of opponents.

“CLASSIFYING THE HITTER BY THE SPRAY CHART: Pay attention in BP on where they want to hit the ball and what pitches are their strengths and weaknesses.”

I saw where supposedly the information in the article came from D1 coaches, and I’d like to know where they get that information. I know its available for ML players, and I suppose for MiL players as well. I do spray charts for our hitters and pitchers, but the only one who gets to see them are team coaches, players, and parents.


I really don’t get the question since you yourself just admitted to keeping a spray chart yourself for your own team you score with and that’s at the HS level…

I know of a few summer ball programs that do it as well, small sample size but it provides a frame work to work within.

Most College programs I know get guys on the bench to keep various charts against every team they play so it might not be a large enough sample size to please someone like yourself, but there’s still a small fragment of base line to work with.

SK, I sent you the chart I use to keep score and never got any feedback from you about it. :cry: Any thoughts?

Yes, any charts that the players keep for you can be used to advantage even as the years go by. Many of the kids keep the same tendencies because very few of them get one on one assistance.

[quote=“Wales Diesel”]SK,

I really don’t get the question since you yourself just admitted to keeping a spray chart yourself for your own team you score with and that’s at the HS level… [/quote]

Yes, I do spray charts for our team, but that’s wildly different than having them for opponents.

You seem to be misunderstanding the question. The article said to pay attention during BP, but no HS team I’ve ever seen takes BP on the field before a game. So, unless one goes to a team practice, or wants to rely on maybe one or two BIPs in a scouted game, where would one find their spray charts?

That is true, and it may be helpful for teams which they play multiple times during a season. But say you’re gonna play team XYZ from a different state, where you have never seen any of the players before. Where do the spray charts come from?

The sample size to me hasn’t got anything to do with it because I think its much more “telling” to have spray charts for the pitchers than the hitters. Here’s an example of why our guys have done for the 1st 4 games this year. Other than seeing the one hitter pull the ball pretty well, what do they say about the hitters? But for sure something can easily be seen for the pitchers.

If I got something, I know I looked at it and considered it. If I didn’t answer, it was because I got bizzy and forgot, not that I didn’t think it worthwhile. Please remind me of the filename and I’ll see if I have it right away. Better yet, send it again and ask for a receipt request. I’m sorry if I screwed up and will try to rectify it. :frowning:

That’s true, if you can manage to find the ones you want when you need to. :wink: