Scouting players with potential

when scouts are looking at a player playing highschool ball or something of that level and the kid has been playing for… 2-3 years and is an average-good player on the team of players who’ve played since tball

would they take a chance on the kid who hasnt been playing as long but has already developed to that caliber in the little time hes played or would they take one of the better players who have played much longer?

They take the best player, usually they just don’t go wandering around, they’ve heard of the player they go to see and move on. I am certain that there are occasions in which they see another kid step up and impress at the game they are at (It happened to my son the first looks he got from a scout and comments were when the scout was at a game looking at the other team) but generally when they show up, they are directed and focused.

Exactly as jdfromfla says. Experience (years played) isn’t as important as raw potential and talent. And remember this: a player really has to bea lot better than average to get serious looks from pro scouts for the MLB draft … because the player is not only competing against EVERY other high school player in the nation, but he’s competing against EVERY college player in the nation, as well as prospects from Korea, Japan and Latin American countries, too. Average in high school, average in college, average in Latin America, etc., usually just doesn’t cut it.

sorry, i should have made it clear that i was talking about college scouts not pro scouts

The answer doesn’t change…Steven just took it to another level.

The reason it doesn’t change is because colleges (D1) have so few scholarships to give out … so to get one, you’ve really gotta be special.