Scotty-K GIF Request

Can somebody make me a GIF of this vid. Please. Thanks in advance.

that vi doesn’t load for me on otherwise i would.

Thanks for trying though.

If anyone could make one that would be very nice.(cough)xv(cough) please

i can at some point on my other home computer but might be a while.


Honestly anyone?

I can try but you owe me

of course I always do

Honestly please I beg anyone. This is super important to me.

Which pitch do you want me to make into a GIF?

Any one from the wind-up preferably a fastball

I love you

how about his last outing
sorry kaz

haha rays clinch though!!!

even though you can only see it for a split second, that clip is Kaz against Manny right? Looks like it…