Scott Kazmir GIF request

Hey just wondering if anyone, specifically xv84, or anyone else whose good at this stuff, if when you get the time you could possibly make me 2 GIFs from this youtube video, one from the behind the catcher view and one from the 1b view.

Sorry if I’m a bother and thank you in advance!

is there any way to save the youtube videos because i could do it if i had the file.

lol i have no idea if you can or not, im pretty lost with this stuff. I think there is though I just donno how.

just google youtube downloader or something

Here’s all 3 views.

Comparison of Now and Then.

xv u are seriously the man, thank you once again

see he was destined to play in Tropicana Field.

Does he have that high leg kick from the stretch too?

his mechanics have changed alot this season from that video but he was still throwin 95…got the new mechs? there alot more smooth

He hasn’t changed much. I was fortunate to watch him pitch against the Red Sox and all he has changed is he keeps his glove tucked and has a better follow through. Last year he used to throw 96-97 consistently. This year he slowed it down to 94-95 so he has pin point control with his pitches.

New one.

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We are unworthy of holding your tri-pod xv!

I’m surprised Kazmir doesn’t have more k’s this year.

not sure if hes hurt but he doesnt throw as hard as he used to. hes only around 91 now.

He’s purposely decreasing his velocity because he trust his defense to make plays unlike last year where he had to strike everyone out.

that makes no sense, hes purposely decreasing his velocity because he trusts his defense? hahaha seriously tho i think hes still hurt from beginning of year.

He’s throwing the slider less, and the fastball more.

His decreasing his velocity so he can paint the corners and get ground outs so his defense can make plays. kind of like what Maddux,Moyer,Glavine,Mussina,Howell do :roll: :roll: :roll:

all those of pitchers are control and movement pitchers so they decrease velocity for that. kazmir is not that. hes a power pitcher, not trying to hit corners or get grounders.

Honestly I don’t think you follow kaz like I do. I have a Q&A with him in a magazine I got a Rays game. He says his velocity decrease is for the reason I described.