Scoring Earned Runs Question


Have a question about scoring an earned/unearned run.

Say there is a situation where you get the 1st batter out, 2nd reaches on an error, the 3rd and 4th batters get on by BB, you strike out the 5th batter, then the 6th hits a triple to score in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th batters, the 7th batter you strikeout to end the inning.

Now with given the error on the 2nd batter which should of been the 2nd out of the inning and then striking out the 5th batter which should of ended the inning (hypothetically speaking), do the two batters that got on by BB count as earned runs even though the pitcher should of been out of the inning (hypothetically) after the 5th batter?

Hope not too much confusion…please help! :slight_smile: Thanks

I think that any run crossing the plate on the scoring play without an error is an earned run no matter how the runners reached initially.

well I know when there are two outs and a fielder makes an error which would of been the third out that any runs that score, whether they got on with a hit/hbp/bb, is scored as unearned…I’m asking say you have one out then a fielder makes an error which should of been the 2nd out and then two guys get on and you get what should of been the third out to end the inning on the next batter but instead of being out of the inning you are still out there and runs score…shouldn’t they be unearned. It was the fielders fault for you being out there.

cause say now you get the 1st hitter out, the 2nd guy is out cause the fielder didn’t make an error, you walk the next two and strike out the next guy, you are out of the inning and no harm done.

also a runner that gets on because of an error and ends up scoring is counted as an unearned run because that guy should have been out…but my question is about the situation I presented…

I would say they would be UNEARNED. When considering if a run is earned or not take the following into consideration

Run is unearned if the batter reaches on an error

If an error is made in an inning the inning should be reviewed by which runs would have reasonably scored if the error was not made.

In the situation mentioned the runs would be unearned because the strikeout would have ended the inning.

In the situation mentioned if there was a 2B in addition to the 2 BB between the error and strikeout any runs that scored, with the exception of the runner that reached by error, that scored on the double would be earned because the runs would have score even without the error

The way I read it is that the runs are unearned. Since the third out should have occurred earlier in the inning (before the run scoring hit).

I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in this though - errors, just like walks, are part of the game. Keep throwing strikes and it will work itself out.

yea I’m not worried about unearned runs, only about how to score them officially.

Unearned. Your question is easily answered in OBR rule 10.16.

ok thank you :slight_smile: