Science of the Fastball Book

My father, Bill Blewett, has published a book that details some of the world’s hardest throwers and has tons of research and hypotheses about fastball velocity. It’s called The Science of The Fastball. Details Bob Feller, Nolan Ryan and Steve Dalkowski, who has a really interesting story and supposedly threw close to 110. I proofread the book last spring during its development.

I did a Q&A with him on my website about it; it’s a well-written and thought provoking book. He’s not the world’s expert on pitching mechanics, but it’s an interesting perspective taken from his background in engineering and the father of me, a pitcher.

Anyway, check out the post and his book.

And no - I won’t receive any commissions for advertising it (though your purchase may fund a really tasty celebratory dinner when I fly home to Maryland next!)

Really cool! Definitely picking this up this weekend.

It’s controversial (even between father and son). He uses some comparison, analogy and some studies that aren’t pitching specific as a springboard for new thought in those categories. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

I like controversial. No point in reading a bunch of stuff that I agree with. Can’t learn much doing that!

Interesting stuff Dan thanks for sharing