my buddy brian has anxiety which makes it impossible for him to go to school

the only thing that gets him out of the house is baseball

i was wondering if scouts will look at him then notice he has no schooling then just leave him

will the lack of schooling be an issue?

If your friend hopes to play college ball, perhaps on a scholarship, then grades definitely matter. Schools will not risk a 'ship on a player who is likely to become academically inelligable.

i hav been in his class since grade 2 and hes a very intelligent kid

can make A’s rather easily

doesnt get in trouble

just he cant make it to the school due to anxiety

i know your asking yourself ‘then how could he play college ball and travel?’

no idea but something about travel buses and planes makes him comfy

will home-schooling count the same as actual school?

I don’t know enough to comment on the home schooling issue. But I do know that anxiety is an issue that can be dealt with using appropriate medication.

could you name the ways someone could make it to the MLB without college ball or schooling?

we kinda have a bet about if you could make it or not in his situation

I have no experience at that level. however, I would imagine that one would have to find an alternative way to keep playing instead of playing college ball so that they could continue to develop. Then they would have to go to team try-outs. Maybe there are some sort of showcase events they could attend to get seen.

is taking home schooling or by correspondence?
if its correspondence I think he can, but regular home schooling I have serious doubts about it

Home schooled kids can very definately get scholarships, Tim Tebo (Sp) was home schooled and look at him. Also as a home schooled kid he has the right to try out and participate on HS teams Tebo played for Nease here in north Florida (In my sons district). So hope is there. Also I’ve noted this before but a minimum score on the SAT is necessary to get into D-1 schools (UNF is 1050, UF is 1350). I wonder how much anxiety your friend will have if he’s performing in front of a bunch of people?

he gets so into the game he doesnt even realize the people clapping for him or if his familys there