School help

if you need help with work i guess i could help
because im such a nerd
i got a
a in wood
b in history
c in algebra 2
c in chemistry
c in english 2
and dundeduhlah a in baseball

but i know all the english and chemistry stuff so ill help you haha

let’s see…

a in religious studies

a in hebrew

a in english

a- in history

b+ in science

Game design(lol): A
AP language: B
Hon World: A
AP calculus: C (almost a B)
Gym: A
Hon Peace Studies: A
Hon Bio: A
Hon Spanish 4: A

Concentrating on calc :’(

If anyone wants to help me with it, I need it :wink:

Math: B
Global History: B
Science: F
English: A
Spanish: A+
Gym: A+
Design/Construction: C

I’m failing Science because our teacher just had no command on the class. For the first 2 months of school, he would be teaching us, till a new teacher who is only slightly more controlling started teaching us. We’re still behind in Science to this day.

Spanish III Hon.: A
Pre-Calc: B
A/P American Gov’t: B
Weights: A
English G/T: A
Accounting: A
Chem G/T: A

algebra 1: d-
earth science:f
global history:b-

Seff - If you need some help with Calc, you can PM me. I got a 4 on the AB exam last year and am currently taking BC Calc.

I got a 4 on the calc AP and am a math major in college.

my credentials are way better
6th grade took prealgebra cough
i know
7th grade took algebra 1
8th grade took algebra 1
9th grade took geometry

Biology A+
Global Studies A
Honors English 10 A+
Math (B) A+
Gym A+
Proj Design A+
Spanish 3 B-

Why did I even look at this forum, now I feel stupid haha :smiley:
You guys are pretty smart

English: A
Accelerated Chemistry: A
Spanish 3 Accelerated: A
History: A-/B+
Pre-Calculus: A/A-
Drawing: A
Figure Drawing: A

I got a 4 on the calc AP and am a math major in college.[/quote]

I will be in touch with both of you as the midterm approaches.

(btw, I’m almost in B-range :p)