Schellbergs Pitching log

hi all,

i am thriteen in three weeks :smiley:
i hope to one day play college ball and maybe pro ball.
The chances of that are slim and that drives me to improve.

Yesterday i started trying circle changes and was sucesful

This is what i did today

ive started slow and will do more and more of each exersise each time

Today -Right arm (throwing arm)

1 rep of 12 wrist extensions
1 rep of 10 wrist flexons
3 reps of pushups
1st - 27
2nd - 25
3rd - 17 and in total 69

1 rep of 10 elbow flexions
1 rep of 10 elbow extensions except i let the dumbell fall to my waist in a throw motion with my arm

1 rep 0f 10 diagnal pattern D2 flexions
and 1 rep 0f 10 diagnol pattern D2 extensions
1 rep of 15 external rotation at 0 degrees abduction
1 rep of 15 internal rotation at 0 degrees abduction
1 rep of 10 shoulder abduction at 90 degrees
1 rep of 5 scaption, internal rotations
10 prone horizontal abductions
5 seated pressups (that didnt work so well)

i also ran a few kilometers in about 7 min and 10 seconds so i really need to work at stamina

threw 10-15 throws from 6meters with armm band then moved to 12m 18m

is their anything else i should do or add

tomorw i will do my left arm then then take a day off from doing those workouts and just do some light ones

i also hurt my calf so i need 2 stretch more

will c if i have a exibition game soon

im also 5’6 and a half

i threw and pitched as well today by next season i want to gain 3-5 mph and i hope to buy tuffcuff but i probly wont becuse of the price

So many Canadian pitchers on this site! Welcome!

Your workout looks pretty good but you might want to add more basic exercises since your so young (pushups, pullups, crunches, planks, dips, etc…) Arm strength is important but so is overall body strength. Keep working at it and continue to update us on your progress. Good luck!

P.S- I think you mean “set” not “rep” :wink:

that is wat i meant

i will try and upload a pitching video of myself soon
i hope it will work as my next game will b my first playing under the lights,
i would excpect 2 start

left arm did the same exercises as yesterday
3 sets
1st - 27
2nd - 27
3rd - 20

Ran a bit, felt really sore. i shouldnt have ran in the first place
today i will do some light throwing and some basic exerises yet
pushups, planks etc

tried a cutter so-so results will continue to try

also did
crunches - 2 sets of 15
planks 2 sets of 15 and 14
lunges 2 sets of 15

did 2 sets of planks - 14 and 15
pushups same

felt really sore
light tossed against wall

3 sets of 15 lunges
3 sets of 15, 20 and 24 pushups
2 sets of 20,32 crunches
1 set of 16 planks
only did one bcuz skin on elbows was bleeding

both arms
2 sets of 10 diagnol pattern D2 flexions
1 set of ten diagnal pattern D2 extensions
2 sets of 10 external and internal abductions
shoulder abduction at 90 degrees 1 set of 5
1 set of 5 prone horizontal abduction (neutral)
1 set of 10 wrist extensions/felxions

biked for 10min ran 5min

last few days i have done nothing no throwing no lifting,workouts etc.
yesterday and today i threw in preperation 4 my teams doubleheader tomorow arm felt really good :slight_smile:

still havent done much, threw today … tried new mechanics, worked well