Scared I'm gonna hit the batter?

Alright well I need help… I’ve got some great pitches and can get my fastball about 82mph consistently, but when I get in a game I’m always afraid that I will hit someone. My first practice game I only got one strike out and gave up about 7-8 hits before getting taken out in the 3rd inning. I was so afraid of hitting someone that when I pitched I barely threw my fastball over 40 mph and was afraid to throw any breaking pitches at all. Can anyone give me any advice?

What you throw 82 but you threw 42 later because you were scared to hit a batter. Just practice throwing normal, and maybe post vids of your mechanics .

Focus on your target, don’t even think about the batter there, just pitch it.

Im not as old as any of you probably and i cant throw that fast…i hit about 70 tops…but whne im on the mound i used to be scared of hitting someone. The worst thing to me is when batters crowd the plate…so when they do that i have learned to just run a 2 seam in on the knees and push the off the plate. Also, i agree with just throwing to the target. I just get my pitch, focus on the target, and throw the ball.

GO CUBBIES!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Any time a pitcher is not 100% confident in his pitch it has a greater risk of being hit or hitting someone.

Ya know what, throw the ball hard. You hit em you hit em. Don`t worry so much. After you put some people on base and get sick of working from the stretch you will learn to better control your ball.

I have found I am more comfortable pitching in a game when I have a friend step in the box during bullpens. Once you see a batter so many times it becomes second nature and you get used to it. Just keep pitcing and get used to it. It`ll come as long as you keep working.

You`ll be fine.

Hitting a batter every now and then is a good thing. It keeps fear in the hitters minds. As long as you don’t hit him in the face it doesn’t matter. Rember it is painful to him, not you.

nice post MNpitcherIHCC. whenever i throw a bullpen before a game or pitch during practice i always stick someone in the batters box. last year i hit a kid because the pitcher on the other team was a lot taller than me so the landing zone was out farther so i couldn’t reach it. well i hit half way in the landing zone and my foot slid the rest of the way in and i hit the kid. so then he got to first and decided to be cocky cause he thought i hit him on purpose, so he started jumping around on first. well i hit him twice diving back into first. then after my first pitch, our catcher picked him off first. :lol:

nicely done…gotta love cocky baserunners…i throw submarine so people think we cant throw over very well…i prove them wrong and just smile on the inside as they sit down on the bench with not only a bruised body but also a bruised ego.

MNpitcherIHCC good post. I do that so i can pick the spots i need to hit, both left and right sides of the box.

For being afraid of hitting someone…dont be. There pitcher prolly isnt and if need be would delibratly do it. Just throw the ball and throw it hard, if a hitter knows your afraid of hitting him they will crowd the plate. If you need to buzz them and get them scarred of you hitting them.

Put it this way if you hit the batter its his fault he got to in your way

things to remember

  1. you wont get hurt, the batter will
  2. if there crowding the plate its there fault not yours

things to do

  1. focus on the mit only
  2. when you pitch at the park, yard or where ever put a trash barrel or something big in the batters box and just pitch.
  3. If you can get a person in there and stand with a bat
  4. be confident you will get outs and win.

seriously don’t worry about hitting the batter. I do it all the time. I once hit a kid in his right shoulder (hes a righty batter) he somehow moved out of the way and then back into the way of the baseball. He fell and didn’t really move and finally got up and stumbled over to first base crying and later got taken out of the game. But I don’t throw that hard so he was being a whimp.

That didn’t get to me I got the next batter to ground out and we were out of the game. Then a couple innings later I hit another kid in the elbow but he leaned into it so I really wanted to nail him with a pitch his next at bat but it was like the last or 2nd to last inning.

Anyway you can’t let a batter get to you. If you hit him then he didn’t get out the way its his fault. So pretty much if you hit him try to hurt him since its his (or her, I have faced a girl before so just wanted that to be covered) fault in the first place and you have to have an attitude where if you hit someone it can’t mess you up. Its like giving up a walk… just a little more painful to the batter.

Don’t stare at the hitter, focus on the glove. That’s what I do and most of the time it works ^^. Try pitching on batters during practice so you get sense of how it’s like during a game. At least that’s what works for me.

personally, I’ve never had a problem with this…I hit the occasional batter…
maybe 1 ever 2 or 3 games…

I pitch tight on batters, so it’s gonna happen. Some of them lean in a bit too much, and they get hit. You have to remember that you’re the one choosing where to put the ball. Don’t let a batter scare you into not uses a few inches off the inside of the plate.

If he gets hit, it’s his problem, not yours, you have to stay mentally strong throughout your pitching outing. I’m not sure if you have hit a batter, but if your scared of hitting one…the only way to get it out of the way is to actually hit one.

You have to find some way to get it off your mind. If you are able to stay focused on the glove at all times, then that is great. But, NEVER be afraid of hitting a batter…some cases it’s good to do. Squeeze opportunities and all.

Haha. Don’t be scared. If your throwing a hard fastball, a deceptive changeup, and a knee-buckling curve, I think the batter is more scared to strike out. If you have the mentality that you’ll dominate, you’ll get closer to doing so. :smiley:

You have received some good advice, but by putting a batter up there for practice may not eliminate the fear. Try this: get on the mound, place a screen on the front of the plate with a catcher and batter both behind the screen. Pitch to the target, use all your pitches, have the batter use both sides and now you can eliminate fear of injury to the batter and also learn to block him out. Good luck and remember to protect your self in a game from a batter hitting YOU!

Don’t be scared of hitting anyone… hey if you hit em… so what itll teach em to back off next time. It’s part of the game gettin hit

One of the best ways to overcome fear is to do that very thing that makes you afraid. So if you’re afraid of hitting batters when you pitch, I’d encourage you to move some people off the plate. (NOT AT THE HEAD!) It’s a skill just like any other part of pitching, but you’ll never hear a high school or summer league coach encourage it. (You will in pro ball, however!)

I agree! Plunk some schmuck who’s crowding the plate…right on the ole gluttious maximus or even throw at his feet (Pro batters hate to have to move their feet). You just won’t believe how liberating it is :smiley: You’ll be past it and move to the next worry in line.

Sounds like your problem is subconscious. The Mind is made up of two parts. The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. The Conscious Mind allows us to experience awareness while the Subconscious Mind stores every experience we have ever had.

When you engage in an activity like pitching, your Consciousl Mind sends instructions to your Subconscious Mind, “Send me all the information you have stored relating to pitching.” The information you access will dictate how well or how poorly you will perform on the mound. Sounds like you have stored what we call “synthesizing events” relating to everytime you hit a batter.

Everytime you access these synthesizing events when you are on the mound it creates stress in your body. When stress is present in the body it causes one or both hemispheres of your brain to weaken or switch off. And, that is what’s causing you to lose control and command of your pitches.

There are several ways you can attack this problem:

  1. The only way to achieve peak performance on the mound is to remain relaxed during the execution of your pitching motion. Before you throw your pitch, state your goal for the pitch (low and inside for a strike; etc.) then mentally say the word relax; then execute your pitch. Continually remind yourself to relax while on the mound. When you are relaxed, both hemispheres of your brain function at maximum capacity, and the brain controls all physical movement in the body.

  2. When you are pitching on the side, imagine there is a batter standing at the plate when you throw your pitches. If you can execute your pitches using your imagination, chances are you will execute your pitches in a real game situation. Remember to remind yourself to remain relaxed even during practice.

  3. The night before your game sit down and write out your goal for your start the next day: i.e., My goal is to win the game tomorrow with no walks; 8 strikouts; pitch a complete game; with an ERA of 2 or less; Etc…

There is also an excellent program created specifically for the mental side of pitching called Mind Mastery For Pitching which is available at It contains a DVD and a CD. There is also a book coming out called Mastering The Mental Side Of Pitching.

Good luck!