Scar tissue

does anyone know how to break this up. i have alot on my shoulder after my surgery and its greatly affecting my ROM. i really dont want to go in for another surgery to get rid of this scar tissue

do whatever the docs tell you man.

There are various massage techniques that can be used to break up scar tissue but this needs to be done by qualified physical therapists under orders from your doctor. Start by talking to your doc.

ya i was just wondering if there was anything i could do. my therapist brought this up today because my progress is very slow so he was just throwing out some different situations. hes going to talk to doctor and well see whats going on. i wont try anything stupid, dont want to hurt it any worse, if thats even possible right now.

To break up scar tissue try using a foam roller or a baseball, and massage it around the area that your trying to address.

My scar tissue story:

I had shoulder surgery in early June of 99 (rotator cuff debridement and labral tear). I was about a month into rehab and plateaued in ROM externally. I was frustrated. On the 4th of July I was lighting a firework and burned my finger. I jerked my arm back away and had an intense pain in my shoulder. When I went to rehab the next day I had nearly full ROM. That jerk of my arm had broken up some scar tissue. (Note, I am not advocating burning yourself. ha)

I have heard stories of needing to be sedated so a therapist can manually manipulate your arm and break up the scar tissue. IMO, its important to be open with your therapist about your level of pain and pain tolerance when trying to get your ROM back. Sometimes it may even be necessary to switch therapists if you are not getting the results. Another one might be able to get you past your plateau.

ya the manipulation or surgery to breakup the scar tissue is way down the road, hopefully it wont get to there. right now the doctor just gave me many different pills, painkillers and gels to use everyday to reduce inflammation and to lower my pain level to the therapist can stretch me more. basically the therapist just needs to really stretch the shoulder, even though it hurts so bad. im recovering from labrum surgery also. i had a type 2 slap repair almost 3 months ago now. its been a slow recovery so far.