Scapular stabilization

anyone have workouts for the scapular stabilization?

Y T W’s are great for that…you can do them laying face down on a flat bench or standing bent forward at the waist . You can do them with no weight or up about 10lbs , definetly no more than 10lbs though because then you will start to recruit muscles outside of what you are targeting specifically and wont fully gain the advantage of scap retraction. They are simple , Y: whichever way you choose on your stomach or bent over, pinch your scaps back pressing your pecs out , basically just pinning your shoulders back and and raise your hands from their resting point all the way up to as far as possible with your thumbs facing in the direction of the lift. Do this for about 8-15 reps depending on if you are using weight or not. I would start with no weight as they tend to be fairly difficult for a novice and because they are only using small amounts of muscle fibers and are considered an off center exercise. Now repeat this with your arms straight out to the sides as if to make your body look like a T, again with thumbs leading also for the same reps. Finally the W , go from the T position but collapse your arms in to make the shape of a W do the same action with thumbs as lead. Do all these exercises back to back and only rest after doing YTW straight , do not rest in between Y and T and W. Again i rec. about 3-4 sets anywhere from 8-15 reps depending on wieght . VERY IMPORTANT THOUGH TO KEEP YOUR SCAPS PINCHED BACK THE WHOOOOOLE TIME.

those are the same thing as t, y, and i’s right

im not familiar with T Y and I’s by those names but you have T and Y haha so im sure its relatively the same

also one other scap exercise which is actually very unorthodox is the bow pose or just the bow , whatever you want to call it…you lay on the ground on your stomach and reach back behind you and grab hold of your ankles so at this point it should be ONLY your stomach and/or chest on the surface of the ground your on and your body should be in sort of a bow shape…hold this position for a minimum of 2 minutes working your way to 3 , 4 and even 5 minutes eventually…this is a rather difficult exercise but very good for scap strength as you will notice when you are done your back will stay pinched for a number of seconds before it relaxes back to normal and not after too long you will start to see and feel your scaps naturally have that pinch you are trying to achieve…you can perform this as you would like…1 set for 4-5 minutes , or 2-3 sets at 2-3 minutes