Scapular Loading

I have been reading a lot the last few days about loading or pinching scaps with a ton of different thougths on it.

Is this something you should try to do or is a non teach?

I think it is a teach. My son developed rotator cuff tendonitis by using his rear deltoid to force his elbow back to do his “scap load.” We had to shut him down for 6 weeks. The proper technique is to squeeze your scapulas together. We are trying to recreate abnd rekearn the pattern by having lie on a bech and break his hands by squeezing his scaps. We use light weight (5 pounds) to groove the movement.

Lanky Lefty talked about this last year.

In Tuff Cuff there are few exercises that will help strengthen the scapula, from there you just need to get a feel for the actual motion of loading your scaps (when they tighten in the high cock position). You don’t want to let thinking about your scap load to cause you to alter other parts of your throwing mechanics such as keeping your front side strong or causing your arm to go through an unnatural arm slot. Watch some professional pitchers and look how strong their scaps and entire upper back is for that matter. Cliff Lee is a great example