Scapular Loading or a straight backside

i recently went to a FSU baseball pitcher-catcher camp (got back yesterday) i while i was there they talked alot about mechanics. the man that was helping me out was (i forget his name…they called him scrappy or sumthin.) a short relief who pitched at florida state in the early 80’s. he told during me that you should form the “power t” form during your drawback phase ofyour pitching mechanics and that you should form a 90 degree angle with your elbow above your shoulder and a other 90 angle on your lead arm…and that you should be able to stcik a straight rod from one tip of your elbow to another.

i tried this and i almost flet like a robot…step by step and not having that loose feeling. then when i got home i asked my brother about it and he said "if ive learned anything about picthing over my career is that its about finding your explosiveness point that one point during your mechanics were your just explode and once that feelings natural youve got the most part done.

than i started reading this article and about the inverted w and how its can be good.
its right here.

inverted w or a straight backside.

or if neither those are the correct form please do tell.

p.s. and i know that everybodys different becuase of there body size and flexibilty so im tall. 14 and about 6,2 and really flexible for my age. and about 170 if that helps

so question…

The Power T (or Flex T) is old Tom House stuff that he doesn’t teach anymore. It sounds outdated to me. Watch videos of good pitchers–everyone scap loads to some degree.

And don’t worry about getting the elbow above the shoulder. It MIGHT lead to injury…(Chris).

Your brother has good insight–do what’s good for you. If you felt robotic, then it’s probably not gonna make you better.

never do inverted w

Relax Slurve, you don’t need to try and pass other people’s theories off as fact. Forget the stupid letters: M, W, T, whatever.

Scap load and throw the ball hard.