Hey Guys,
Hope everyones New Year is going well, I haven’t been on here in a while. I recently had some back spasms up at school and when I got home for break in Mid-Dec. I went back to my old chiropractor to get it looked at. He’s been helping me over the past month, and he says that my tendonitis in my rotator cuff (pitching arm) is because of my scapula is not attached to my spine. He says this was either from a fall when I was younger which I can’t remember that happened or when I was born i was moved awkwardly and it just got worse over time. Anyways, he said that it is moved away from my spine and tilted forward (downward) decreasing the gap between my clavical creating a limited range of motion and the tendonitis in my arm. He told me to do external rotation and the laying row and whenever I do back workouts to make sure i pull my shoulder blades back first before I move the weight. Do you guys have any other advice on excercises because I want to start throwing again. Thanks.
Joey T

If you are stilling having problems, I would suggest you go see an orthopedic doc. See if he will order physical therapy for Scapular Stabilization Exercise and rotator cuff strengthing.