Scapula Stretch

Anyone know of any good stretching exercises that can help me get my arm back farther during delivery (scapula loading)? Any other stretches for the rest of the body are welcome also.

This isn’t something that I would work on.

You could end up hurting your shoulder.

No safe way really, just as Chris explained. Better the arm that you were given not by stretching it out, but compressing its muscle mass and changing it into fierce machine.

Yeah I got that, I was asking of the best stretches to do just to improve overall flexibility, not the arm.

I’m not sure that there’s a stretch for that specific field of training. I’d try working on your rotator cuffs with lat raises. Also, try using a very flexible rubber by tying it to something planted firmly on the ground. Stand with your back to the planted support with the rubber in hand and make sure it is tight enough to pull your forearm back towards your shoulder blades so your elbow is parallel with your head, then pull up first with the forearm and then with the rest. I’d check the exercises offered here on this site as well as Googling a few tips which are similar to said stretch.

Yeah I already do those, I know all the stretches that CAN be done I just want peoples opinion on what there favorites ones are for baseball since flexibility plays a part in your pitching velocity. I got alot of preferred ones from the book “Fit to Pitch”.

I’d just try those then. I’ve never really had a preferred way of stretching the arm for flexibility, but the rubber pulls work well enough.