"Scap Loading"

I read in a post about “scap loading”. I know I do it some, it kind of just naturally happens. What I’m wondering is should I do it more? How important is it? Is it dangerous? Do you recommend it? Why or why not?

i also want to know more on scap loading, people say i do it naturally and i was wondering how important is it? and i heard from people that it can lead to very serious injuries …so how uch should i be working on this

View it more as a “chest thrust,” as opposed to scap load. All power pitchers thrust their chest (and, thus, pinch their shoulder blades together). So it’s fine to do it, in my opinion. I did it. But I never focused on it. I never thought, “Now, I’ve got to thrust my chest.” It simply happened as a byproduct of good pitching mechanics.

My point is this. Thrust your chest, yes, but don’t focus entirely on it. Work on your mechanics as a whole. Singling out “scap loading,” for instance, isn’t going to help your velocity or pitching as much as having a smooth delivery. And by smoothing out your delivery, “scap happens.”

There is mention of scap loading in this article posted in the new library section on this site:


I agree.

I agree that scap loading shouldn’t be a focus during the delivery. IMO it is a product of earlier aspects of the delivery. With that said, I am yet to find a 90+ mph pitcher that doesn’t scap load. The scaps are the last link in the kinetic chain before the arm. The more elastic energy the scaps build, the faster the arm can move. Drills are the time to work on things like that. The mound is the time and place to focus on making pitches.