Scap loading isn't working


I’ve been trying to scap load and it is not increasing my velocity in the slightest bit, if anything its just making it harder to throw the ball. I’m pulling my scaps back as if I was bench pressing…


If you’re deliberately trying to scap load, that will most likely make you robotic and slow you down.

Scap loading usually happens on its own. If you’re not naturally scap loading then I’d bet there is something else earlier in your delivery that needs to be improved.


It’s not the scap loading that’s slowing you down. From the mechanics video, it’s your posture.


Don’t think about it. Think about this instead; try to get your throwing arm as far away from your back hip as it rotates and drives. It’ll increase hip shoulder separation if you do it correctly. But be careful because this might end up giving you the “Inverted W” and in that case you’re probably consciously thinking of trying to scap load. Just let it all happen. I know, easier said than done. I’m just putting this out there and I heard most of this from Lantz Wheeler. Check out his videos he’ll be able to better explain this.

Best of Luck