Scap Loading in Pitching Delivery


I have a problem. I have very flexible shoulders (I can play jump rope with them holding my hands together) and I can scap load just as much as Aroldis chapman. I don’t have really any shoulder pain because of it. My problem/question is should I try to stop scap loading so much? I might lose velocity if I do. Should I only stop if my shoulder starts to hurt? What would you do?


I would put some focus on strengthening the shoulders to improve joint stability. Lots of flexibility needs to be accompanied by corresponding strength.


Ok, that’s good advice👍🏻


What exercises would you recommend?


Google “shoulder stability exercises” and you’ll get lots of hits - like this one:

As with any exercise, do them at your own risk.


As long as your elbow stays below your pitching arm side shoulder you will be good. Do not exaggerate just load what is natural. Thanks!