Saying Hi

Hi all. I am playing in a men’s fall senior league (28 - 39) and it’s been about 12 years since I have pitched. (Pitched in college). I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question, how long will it take to get my fastball up to about 75MPH after taking a long layoff? I am not out of shape, as a matter of fact, I am a personal trainer, who trains with kettlebells etc…

I ask this because I bought one of these glove radar things to track my progress, but my fastball seems to only go up to 55MPH! Are these things accurate? What’s the best thing to measure velocity, a bushnell radar gun?

Thanks. I appreciate all the help and all the great posts. I wish this site woiuld have been around when I pitched. I have learned so much.


The glove radar measures the speed of the baseball when it hits the glove not out of the hand, and remember than a fastball slows down 1MPH every 7 feet, so that should add a couple of miles to the FB. you might be in good shape but not baseball shape, so you’ll need to strenghten your legs, play lots of catch and post a video of yourself pitching so you can fix your mechanics. DM, Chris, and Roger can help you out with that

Thanks for the fast response! I would love to post my video. Where can I get a site that will host an *.mov file.

I think google video is the best but there are quite a few out there, youtube isnt the best so Id go with google