Sawing off the ramp

I recently had a break thru in pitching :smiley: . For the last year I have been trying to get power form the body… Who hasn’t :?: but this power I found shoots my power up hill, literally and figuratively. I feel tons of power on my stride but it goes (100 meters) up the ramp while the pitch plane is horizontal or down hill. After Changing a new pitch mechanic every other day for the past two weeks, I have found a way to saw off the ramp at 50 meters, now, my last 50 meters goes down hill , with the pitch plane. ( the 100 meters is a figurative measure from knee up to foot strike .) proly don’t make sense but I’m very excited with this break thru, though I will have to run it thru for a month or two.

Worked on something new today. I have found that when I sawed off the ramp so i can go down hill earlier, it was really just shortening the arm swing versus the stride glide. What I did before was shorten my glove side action and thus shortening my ball arm. Thus my arm was up and slotted to throw down, but my stride leg had no fully accepted the weight of my body because it had not finished the glide. The problem with this is shortening my arm swing seems to make the throw less accurate. What I did today was find a way to make my stride leg glide longer ( not necessarily further) so that my arm action can stay long and maybe more accurate. Does it work :roll: ? I hope so. Its fun trying.

On Youtube, look at sections .02 and .10 &.11.

This is what you’re doing to yourself:][img][/img


Your stride leg/foot posture is forcing a landing that places your compete body in a starting position that adjustments and counter adjustments forces a motion by you in an attempt in throwing the baseball as hard as you can. Thus, your throwing arm makes an “up & over” motion that tries to compensate for your initial off-balance stride reach and stride foot plant … all the while your upper body tries to handle the throw the ball, then your glove arm/hand tries to compensate by recouping the bodies balance. In the section of your video… .10 & .11 notice how your glove hand whips up to your chest like you’re trying to catch a bag of groceries.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, is not working - IF you continue with this kind of delivery.

Here’s my suggestions:
First off, move your target a lot closer to you, say 30 feet. Knock down the velocity stuff … throw at only one third game speed.
Second, concentrate on bringing that stride leg out, easy does it, and plant your stride foot right off the instep of your pivot foot, then stop and hold that position, no arm action, just lower body control here.
Third, now take a baseball in your pitching side hand and bring it up to the high cock position, but don’t throw yet.
Fourth, stretch out your glove arm in a relaxed way and point it towards your target.
Fifth, with the same motion, throw your baseball by exchanging your pitching side shoulder with your glove arm shoulder, bringing in the glove to about your lower chest. … as your going through this posture, bend your stride leg a little letting it accept your forward motion of your upper body. Do not allow that glove arm to SWING OUT to the side. Bring it straight back.

HOLD that finished posture for just a few seconds and notice how balanced you are. Your glove should be tucked somewhere near your lower chest and glove side hip, along with your pitching shoulder completely buried into the target with your glove side shoulder facing somewhat to your backside.


Repeat this drill over and over again until it’s as natural for you as getting out of bed in the morning. You’ll not only have a 100% improvement in your delivery posture, but you increase your strike % ten fold.

Basically, here’s the body posture that I would suggest that your start with, just prior to throwing the baseball. Again, move your target to 30 feet in front of you, no velocity, concentrate on setting yourself up properly to completely balancing yourself.

This stuff takes time, lot’s of it.][img][/img

Thanks, I’ll work on it