SAT Test

Wow, time passes by fast. Next week (Oct. 10) I will take the SAT for the first time. I can’t say I’m nervous, but I don’t know what to expect. I’ll just let my brain go to work. The Math seems easy, but english comprehension and writing essays is not the business :lol:

Remember that you can take this test several times and typically you will improve your second time around.

Also you may give the ACT a shot. Some students do better on that test for reasons unknown to me.

Most schools take the english comprehension seriously and the essay writing is not critical. That is unless you are looking at an Ivy League type school then you better shine in all categories.

And finally, you should already be registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse and have selected their code to have your scores reported to them as well as schools you are interested in. I think you get three free and then have to pay for additional transcripts. I found the following website very helpful in researching schools:

good luck JR

Yeah, I believe I’m registered with the clearinghouse, I did select schools to send my scores to.

University of Miami
CSU San Diego (SDSU)
and also the NCAA I believe

Hopefully I get a good score and start getting some recruitment letters

Don’t sweat it. Like Dino said, you can take it multiple times. IMO, the ACT is way easier too. Go into this one with the mindset that it’s to figure out what the test is like and just do your best.