Sam Demel - Mental Pitching Routine

This video was posted on YouTube recently, featuring college pitcher Sam Demel walking us through his mental thought processes on the mound. It’s promotional, for Brian Cain’s Mental Training DVDs, as you’ll see, but there may be some useful info here. I didn’t listen to it with sound, but one the one thing stood out to me while watching it without audio is how long it takes him between pitches.

Your mental “focusing” process needs to be much quicker. Sam takes sooo long between pitches, collecting himself, that I think it actually works against him. Notice how the hitters are constantly stepping out of the box? It’s tough to establish a rhythm when you take 15 or 20 seconds between pitches. Throwing strikes is about establishing a rhythm and having good mechanics. your mental process needs to compliment that – not be at odds with that.

Sounds like he got his mental process from the book, Heads Up Baseball: Playing The Game One Pitch At A Time. This book talks about yellow lights and red lights and picking an object to focus on to help put the last pitch behind you and bring your attention to the present. I’ve actually suggested that my pitchers pick the flag pole so they can also check the wind direction. That gives them something to think about which really helps take their mind off of what ever just happened. (Taking a deep breath also helps in this manner.)

But the book does NOT talk about taking so long between pitches. :roll:

It’s like watching grass grow.

Imagine what his fielders feel like playing behind him. Ouch, that’s gotta suck.