Safety of cold weather

where i am right now its about 25-35 degrees fahrenheit (around -1 degrees celsius) and although i’m keen on getting outside to make sure my control does not falter through doing squats 24/7, i’m unsure if its really safe for my arm to practice outdoors in this kind of temperature. Indoors pitching is out of the question, theres no baseball centers anywhere near where i am and all basketball gyms are booked 7 days a week, so i was wondering if its possible to practice either outside or indoors at all.

As long as your arm is kept warm, you should be fine practicing outside.
Make sure that you are not harming your body though or practicing in dangerous conditions (icy, slick, wet).
If it’s too cold outside, try to find somewhere inside you can exercise or practice. If there’s not baseball centers or gyms open, even a shed can work (provided it’s big enough).
Above all, when it’s that cold out, keep your arm warm and loose.
It’s definitely harder (and makes your arm more susceptible to injury) to pitch with a cold arm.

I know how you feel. It is 23 F right now, with a wind chill around 15 F. In the past when I have had to throw in weather like this (every winter). I tried to throw enough to at least maintain my arm conditioning. I am using the 90 day Tuff Cuff program & my season starts officiially the week of Feb 8.

When I go out - I try to be warm before I go out. I mean this in general - I try to have a light sweat going - usually I do jumping jacks, jump rope for a minute or two - whatever it takes. I then put on some “lighter” Majestic jacket to keep in the body heat and then I head outside. I don’t want to dress too heavy because too many layers mess up the motion. I throw for about 4 or 5 minutes to just get warmed up - gradually stepping back to 90 feet - I stay at 90 feet for about 4 minutes and then out to 120 for 1 or 2 minutes. Then I move in to about 60 feet over another minute or two. I try to be very careful - though and if I don’t feel like my arm is warm - I don’t push it until it is. I found windiness is the key - if it is a cold but still day I warm up pretty good (except for my hands) but if it is cold and windy - it takes for ever to warm up my arm.

Where I live, right now it is 19.8F.
We have light snow on the ground. The bright sun is melting it though.

Where I live, right now it is 19.8F.
We have light snow on the ground. The bright sun is melting it though.[/quote]

OUCH (there isn’t a frozen emoticon)

Stay inside or just throw snowballs - a 5 ounce snowball is how big?

Long toss and light throwing isn’t too bad outside, provided you warm up properly; throwing maximum intensity when it’s that cold isn’t all that wonderful, though. I’d probably skip it for now until it warms up.

Screw the cold…I think we should all hybernate till April when we can get some dirt under our cleats!