Sabermetrics/stats at the youth levels of baseball pitching


I know @Zita_Carno has done a lot of research with Sabermetrics and was wondering what stats, if any, are appropriate/beneficial in the youth game for pitchers?

Besides the traditional strike-ball ratio, strike %, first pitch strike %, ERA, OBA, etc, have you used more advanced stats in any effective way?


Where’s @scorekeeper if he’s still around on this site he’ll have a ton of info to share in this topic, I know he uses a vast array of statistical tools.


I know, I should email him. Actually, I will.


BIP%, BB+H per TAB, SO per TAB. Also the pitcher’s OPS against.


Steve and everyone else inquiring about sabermetrics at the youth levels of baseball pitching—sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I’ve been busy organizing my tax stuff—it’s getting close to that time! I hate to disappoint you guys, but the fact is I’m not involved with anything resembling statistics—in fact, when I was in school I absolutely sucked at math! And, as you know, my frame of reference is major league. So I’m leaving this area of research to you, and I know you’ll do a great job.
Regards from the Goddess of the Slider.


Over the years I’ve had all kinds of stats pushed my way, all kinds of number senarios and so on.
The problem(s) associated with the entire process is the parrell that’s draw between the professional ranks and those of the ameture ranks.

In the professional ranks, we’re talking money, and money runs everything… I mean everything. From the first “carding” of someone to the livingroom meet, to the farm systems, right to the front door of the show. Fundamentally we’re talking continuity, and lots of it. There’s a business sense that drives this endevor and it’s that product that’s placed in full view – by the expertise of the best promoters on the planet. That product is the player and all that real estate, caps, T-shirts and whatnot that your money can buy. Then there’s the backdrop of your local sports page, talk radio, Hollywood, international relations and so forth.

In no way can the amateur game lend any creditability, alluding to, or even asimilating the environment of the professional game and as such, the validity of any number associated with performace(s) makes little sense.


Too many uncontrollable variables in the amateur game. Travel team players vs park and rec players, who-you-know rosters compared to competitive placement rosters, coaching disparities galore, the ups-n-downs of amateur umpire credentials, and the list goes on.

Now I know others will differ with my observations – but, anyway you cut it – by age, by position, by geographical location, etc., as far as pitching is concerned, I don’t see a stat being worth much. Base on balls, strike %, and that ever so holy grail- the ERA, gets kind of sloshed around based on so uncontrollable inputs.