s3 brace

anyone try this before?

Looks like an Under-Armour shirt.

i have the brace

[quote=“tdbaseball”]anyone try this before?

just fixing your posture by wearing around this shirt will do two positive things - 1. Increase bloodflow to your rotator cuff which will help it heal.
2. Put your shoulders in the proper position and mentally make you aware of your bad posture.

why its a waste of money -

It means you’re lazy. There are exercises you can do in the weight room to fix bad posture. There are stretches you can do to fix bad posture.

  1. You can have any AT tape your shoulders back in the morning if you’re really bent on having good posture throughout the day.
  1. what are some of these exercises for better posture?

  2. how does someone tape your shoulders back?

Usually your shoulder sag forward because your chest is stronger than your back muscle.

Sitting in class or hunched over a laptop make it worse because your shoulders are constantly sagging forward. Strengthening your back will pull back on your shoulders and put them in a more proper position.

an athletic trainer usually knows the proper way to tape your scap’s so you are aware of your bad posture.

Strictly restricting your shoulders from going forward doesnt entirely fix the problem. Evening out the muscle distribution in your chest and back is a better solution.

jacket has helped me, the jacket has to be worn for alot of weeks, i am approaching my 8th week, it has increased my shoulder strength a ton

I am a physical therapist and we focus on sports injuries, we use the S3 for many types of shouler problems and postural issues. The brace is a great tool for pitchers and other athletes because it puts you in the correct posture/ alignment, which keeps your mechanics sound and reduces a lot of the stress on the joints that comes with poor biomechanics.

Traditionally I am anti-braces because is promotes disuse of muscles, however the S3 brace is elastic and allows you to have full range of motion, while stretching out your tight pec muscles and contracting your weaker scapular retractor muscles. After an hour of wearing the brace I find that my scapular retractor muscles are fatigued because they have been contacting thousands of times. I was told by the brace’s inventor Dr. Tim Brown that this is due to “Sherrington’Law.”

Curt Schilling, used the S3 brace to rehab his shoulder and I have read that the Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Whitesox, and Houston Astros have also used the brace with their pitching staff. I also read that Tony Stuart-Nascar driver,

Donovan McNabb-pro football player, Sugar Ray Leonard-pro boxer, Matt Hasselbeck-pro football player, Layne Beachley-Seven Time World Champion Surfer, Bubba Stewart-pro Motorcross, John Cook-pro golfer, Ellen DeGeneres-actress, Calista Flockhart-actress, have used the brace too.

Here is a link to a study with the Houston Astros in 2006 that explains how they used the S3 with their pitching staff,

The S3 is a great tool in conjuction with a balanced workout plan: stretching, proper mechanics, weight training, etc. The brace will NOT instantly cure you of shoulder, neck, back pain and suddenly give you perfect posture. The brace is pretty expensive, since insurance covers the brace, we almost always go through insurance for our patients, but for patients who don’t have insurance the cheapest price I have found is $345, if anyone has found it for cheaper please let me know. Here are links to the distributors I have worked with from cheapest to most expensive, hope this helps