Ryan Tatusko's Stats?

Just wondering: do these look familiar?

8(W) 2(L) 3(CG) 1(SHO) 84.1(IP) 55(SO) 3.09 (ERA) 1.34(WHIP)

I don’t know much about the draft, but are you eligible to be picked for it? i thought this was pretty cool. Also, how old are you? just wondering because it would be cool if you made it to the majors one day.

Hey man, yeah I’m 20 and am a draft-elibigle sophomore this year. I also threw a combined SHO too :lol: :roll:

I had a good year last yr, hopefully I will be able to repeat it and get our team the MVC title this year.


cool, by the way, when does your season start? If you will, keep us posted on how you do in your starts, i’m pretty interested to hear how you’re doing.

one last thing: when is the draft anyway?

Season starts Feb 25th aganist Notre Dame. We play them in millington TN.

The draft is in June and I will still try and post as much as I can while I am playing

Here we go, forever locked into the game, literally


Pretty cool to be in a videogame I must say. (Age is last year since it’s college)

good luck against ND RTusk

Its really neat playing with yourself in a video game. The game is actually funny though because everyone in that game throws 90+.

I got to be one of 3 people on the game who cant get it up to 90 :lol: thats alright though, I got a nasty two-seamer on the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the good luck, can’t wait to get at the irish!!! They’re my dream school so it should be fun.