I was told that I rush when i pitch (rush as in when throwing the ball after i pick up my leg). Can anyone give some tips and pictures or viedo clips what exactly rushing is? Is this possibly why i am having some velocity and control problems?

Rushing is a common problem. Generally it means that your body moves forward too quickly such that your pitching arm is not in the ready position at the moment that your glove-side foot plants (and your shoulders pretty much automatically start to turn). The result is pitches that are high and/or to the pitching arm side. It can also cause velocity problems by not maximizing how much your hips rotate.

When my guys start to rush, I tell them to make sure that their motions are smooth and steady and not jerky. I don’t want them to jump at the plate with their lower bodies.

I find that rushing is often a problem with guys who think that the stride provides more power than it actually does.